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Making Debt Relief as Comfortable as Possible for People in California

Many people experience financial difficulty or distress at least once in their lives. Medical bills, loss of employment, simply losing control of a financial situation can saddle anyone with overwhelming debt. For anyone who’s found themselves in such a financial position, finding a release from it can almost feel like a pipe dream – but with help from Financial Relief Law Center, APC, this can become a reality.

The attorneys of Financial Relief Law Center, APC focus on helping people resolve problems with their debt by exploring their options in bankruptcy. For individuals and businesses alike, there are options available in bankruptcy that can help you eliminate or reorganize your debt.

Bankruptcy options we can assist you with include:

  • Chapter 7:  the most common type of bankruptcy in the United States and applies to individuals and businesses alike, involving asset and property liquidation in order to satisfy debt.
  • Chapter 11: a business bankruptcy that allows owners to maintain control of their companies while reorganizing and consolidating debt.
  • Chapter 12: a business bankruptcy especially for agricultural or seasonal businesses to allow such individuals to reorganize and pay off debt on a seasonal basis.
  • Chapter 13: a bankruptcy option for individuals that allows them to reorganize and consolidate their debt without undergoing asset and property forfeiture.

Our attorneys can not only help you with bankruptcy options like these, but also loan modifications to prevent bankruptcy, services to recover surplus funds in a foreclosure sale, and real estate short sales.

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As attorneys who routinely support consumers in potentially dire financial straits, we are empathetic and compassionate about what these problems mean to our clients. More importantly, we’ve grown to understand how important it is that we only deliver our best possible work so our clients’ chances of getting the best possible outcome are secured. While there are no guarantees in the outcome of an Orange County bankruptcy case in court, you can rest assured that we place significant value in exploring all viable options to get you in a better position. Our attorneys are tenacious doers for our clients and they also offer the compassionate approach that’s often needed to understand the client’s situation and goals.

We care about your outcome and what it will mean for your future. We appreciate the impact our work can have on your life, which is why we will strive to deliver our best for your benefit.

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