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Surplus Funds Recovery Lawyers in Irvine

Helping Our Clients Get What They’re Owed in a Foreclosure Sale

If you’ve lost your home to foreclosure, this is probably a devastating situation for you and your family. At Financial Relief Law Center, APC, we treat all debt-related legal problems with compassion and appreciation for what getting the best possible result for our clients means to them. That’s why we want to make sure that you get everything you’re entitled to in a foreclosure sale when your home sells for more than the value of the mortgage.

“The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Ronda was most helpful in more ways than one. My family and I will forever be grateful for their professional service and hard work.”

- Erica A.

What are Surplus Funds?

In a situation such as this one, those who lost their home to foreclosure are entitled to the difference between the sale and the mortgage on the foreclosed home at the time of sale. These are what’s known as surplus funds. It’s crucial for those who have been foreclosed upon to understand their right to claim this money so that they can more confidently take the next step in their lives with all of their entitled assets.

If you think you need a surplus funds recovery attorney to help you get what you deserve in a foreclosure sale, reach out to Financial Relief Law Center, APC in Orange County for help! Contact us online or call (949) 570-5466.

What Goes on after a Foreclosure Sale?

When any surplus funds result from a foreclosure sale, the foreclosure trustee is required by law to deposit them to the home’s previous owner. When this fails to happen, there can be a lot of excuses thrown around to deflect blame or cast doubt on what’s really going on. Because a significant amount of money can result from surplus funds, there’s some incentive for those less scrupulous than the rest of us to try to claim this money for themselves.

At Financial Relief Law Center, APC, our surplus funds recovery attorneys will relentlessly pursue the cash you’re entitled to after a foreclosure sale. We understand you may be depending on this money to make ends meet in the aftermath of losing your home to foreclosure in Orange County. That’s why we can tenaciously assert your right to claim your entitled surplus funds.

Guiding You Through Recovery of Equity

Our Orange County foreclosure attorneys are versed in the law and can help you claim surplus equity funds, if available. We will provide you with a face-to-face consultation at no cost to you to examine your surplus funds situation. We also handle these cases on a contingency in the sense that we are only paid upon recovery of funds.

Client-Focused Legal Counsel

Once retained, we obtain loan information from you and guide you through the process, including the documents and information we need to advocate and obtain the surplus funds for you.

Our office has attorneys and agents available throughout the day to assist you and we welcome your calls and emails throughout the legal process. We will keep you apprised of the status and provide you the quickest result that we can so you can walk away with your check for equity and surplus funds.

For more information about recovering what you deserve after a foreclosure sale, contact our surplus funds recovery attorneys online. We serve most counties throughout California!

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