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Initial Client Guide: General Insolvency and Bankruptcy Clients

The documentation we collect for general insolvency and bankruptcy is similar to loan modification and workout agreements, and quite frequently, our clients request our services for both to enable them to obtain a fresh start. Bankruptcy creates something called an automatic stay in most scenarios that enables us time within the bankruptcy case to work on the loan modification and loan workout.

“I was directed to Andrew Warshaw at the Financial Relief Law Center. He was able to negotiate an agreement outside of court which saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars and prevented me from filing Chapter 11.”

- Elijah B.

1. Credit Counseling

The first step is to take credit counseling which should take between one and two hours and will generate a certificate that we need to file with your bankruptcy paperwork.
The Lawcenter has accounts for credit counseling with the following companies. You may also use most of these companies for your second course in Financial Management or Debtor Education:

Abacus Credit Counseling
  • Use Attorney Code: ACC97854
  • Use Attorney Code: CA4023
  • $24 for the first course
  • $14 for the second (e-file is free)
  • Use Attorney Code: PBAW4398
  • First Course: $14.95
  • ​Second Course: $9.95
  • Use Attorney Code 214970
  • Here is a pamphlet from Cricket with Client Instructions
  • Attorney Code bwlawcenter
  • Use Attorney Code: AW22373
  • Use Attorney Code 7144423315
  • CC Advising offers the first course but you need to use a different company for your second course after filing
  • Use Attorney Code: FR19775
  • No attorney code available
  • The US DOJ has a list of approved credit counseling agencies. We are not affiliated with any of these companies, nor do we approve or endorse any specific company. Use any company approved by the US DOJ that you would like to obtain your credit counseling and debtor education certificates. Your are not required to use the two options above, we merely provide you this information as a service and option for two approved companies you may use.

2. Document Transmission

Please transmit sensitive documents by email (as a PDF), fax, mail, or in person. Go to the Contact Us page if you need any help along the way.

3. Meeting of Creditors

As a debtor, you will need to attend a meeting of creditors. Contact our firm for information about what to expect.

4. Course in Financial Management or Debtor Education

After filing, make sure to return to : Access Counseling Inc. and to use Attorney Code: AW22373 (or whatever company you used to take credit counseling) to take your second course that is usually called Debtor Education. Make sure your attorney gets a copy of the certificate and that Form 23 is signed and filed before your case closes so that you are able to obtain a discharge.

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