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Resolving Your Debt Problems in Orange County

For any given issue concerning consumer or business debt, there are often several ways to overcome it. At Financial Relief Law Center, APC, our attorneys are experienced in multiple areas of law that provide clients a broad approach to solving their problems with debt and other financial issues.

Our services are affordable and designed to provide clients in California with a fresh start by eliminating or reorganizing as much debt as possible to account for their short and long-term goals. We have what it takes to protect you from creditors who seek bank account levies, foreclosure, and even wage garnishment to satisfy your debt. You can stop them in their tracks by getting immediate protection from one of our bankruptcy lawyers.

“Bankruptcy was a "daunting time" for me... It felt like as shroud of clouds was lingering in the upper regions of my mind. However, that quickly evaporated when Andy Warshaw came into the scene!”

- Javier A.

With our help, you can seek relief in bankruptcy by filing for:

Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience that generates success for our clients. With our support, settling your debt can be done much quicker and cheaper than you ever thought possible.

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Why People Choose Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can come with its own challenges, but it can solve problems that would otherwise linger and fester. If you are having trouble controlling your debt right now, it may only grow larger unless you can release as much of it as possible through bankruptcy. Your credit will take a hit and you may lose certain possessions during the process, but you can gain a chance to rebuild your financial life with a fresh start.

People ultimately choose bankruptcy because it can help them:

  • Discharge most debts
  • Preclude foreclosure
  • Put stop to wage garnishment
  • Stop a bank account levy
  • End harassment from creditors
  • Reorganize debt or release obligations to debt
  • Keep cars and even homes (in Chapter 7)
  • Avoid judicial liens and junior liens

How Does Bankruptcy Impact My Credit Score?

There are many positive impacts that filing for bankruptcy can have on your life, especially when you’ve become overburdened by debt in Orange County. It’s not simply a matter of wiping the slate clean for free, however. Bankruptcy does have some immediate costs, such as showing up on your credit report and hurting your credit score.

You may find it difficult to locate available creditors immediately after closing a bankruptcy case and for a few years after the fact. Everyone’s mileage will vary, though, depending upon how bankruptcy actually impacted their credit score and how certain creditors view bankruptcy.

If you’re worried about your ability to get credit in the future, consider that bankruptcy provides an opportunity for a fresh start. Your credit rating will no longer be hammered by missed payments and mounting debt to your former creditors, and being able to stay current with those you still have can slowly build your score back up. If bankruptcy affords you the freedom to pay off debt within healthy margins, your credit score can recover over time.

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