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  • Great loan modification service!

    “They all know what they are doing and they are very professional and very accurate! I saved almost $600 a month on my loan!”

    - Max S.
  • My experience here was nothing short of a miracle.

    “The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Ronda was most helpful in more ways than one. My family and I will forever be grateful for their professional service and hard work.”

    - Erica A.
  • Very helpful and professional!

    “I ran into a financial issue from my past and was in need of legal direction to take so I could handle a bank account that was levied. I called at 4:30 on a Friday after Christmas and Victor promptly called me back within minutes.”

    - Patrick E.
  • I'm very glad I found Financial Relief Law Center.

    “As the process moved forward Amanda stepped in and also was very explanatory and helped me prepare for court. In the end, I am very glad I chose this firm and I would recommend them to anyone who is contemplating bankruptcy.”

    - J.J.
  • You won't be disappointed!

    “Having Amanda by my side in court took away a lot of my fear and thankfully my debt was discharged in August 2019. If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy give Financial Relief Law Center a call.”

    - Aubrey M.

Practice Areas

We Offer Our Services to Clients throughout Orange County

Since 2009, Financial Relief Law Center has helped people work through complicated legal and financial problems to create better futures for themselves and their families. With years of experience behind each attorney at our boutique firm, we’ve been able to support clients undergoing bankruptcy and related legal challenges by making the process as painless as possible.

We have helped clients through complex legal matters such as:

Most circumstances you may face in life that deal with these areas of law could upend your daily life and make you feel as if the future for you and your family is uncertain. It doesn’t have to be like that, and Financial Relief Law Center’s attorneys can help you find solutions to your legal and financial problems in Orange County.

Reach out to us online or call (949) 570-5466 to request a free consultation with an attorney who may be able to help you resolve the challenges you’re facing.

      Bankruptcy Assistance

      The bankruptcy code is a complicated area of law that experienced legal counsel should be sought. Our attorneys handle Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 cases throughout California and have a clear understanding of the process.

      After a free legal consultation with our attorneys, we can guide you to the right Chapter and how it can help achieve your goals. You can access our blog for information on Reaffirmation Agreements and what you can expect at your Meeting of Creditors.

      Knowing what each chapter of bankruptcy is about and who typically files for it can answer important questions you may have or inspire new ones to ask one of our attorneys.

      Here are the bankruptcy chapters we can help you file:

      • Chapter 7 is a liquidation and is typically the quickest form of bankruptcy to use when clearing your debt. Not everyone is eligible, however, and even if you are eligible it may not be the right choice for you for various reasons your attorney can explain.
      • Chapter 13 is often used to restructure debt and save your home. Chapter 13 has an additional benefit of what is commonly known as a lien strip, which may allow you to strip off or avoid the junior mortgage lien on your home if it is wholly unsecured.
      • Chapter 12 is a section of the bankruptcy code reserved for agricultural sector. Perhaps the best perk of a Chapter 12 is the valuing of real property and modifying or adjusting the promissory note obligation down to the value of the real property.
      • Chapter 11 clients generally have debts that exceed the secured and unsecured debt limits in a Chapter 13 and can be filed by an individual or a business. The goal in a Chapter 11 is to reorganize to allow the individual or business to continue operating while reducing liabilities. Similar to Chapters 12 and 13, real property can be valued which may allow the avoidance of a junior lien or the adjustment of a promissory note, depending on the type of property.

      Debt Settlement Relief

      If you are like many Americans in this economy, you are facing an overwhelming amount of debt and looking for a solution. Here at Financial Relief Law Center, APC, we have many solutions to your debt problems. We can examine the benefits of using bankruptcy or debt settlement and help guide you to the best result. Debt settlement is the concept of settling your debt with creditors for less than what you owe to them in exchange for a release of liability. Our boutique law office utilizes trained attorneys who regularly work with all types of creditors, both large and small, to resolve our client’s debts.

      Short Sales

      California real estate law provides that you may be liable on a second, third, fourth, and any other, priority lien on your home for a deficiency balance if the home is sold at a foreclosure auction. Our office provides clients with legal counsel to determine liability on junior liens; we are retained to then negotiate terms in the short sale transaction to reduce or eliminate liability on any junior liens.

      Loan Modification & Workouts

      If you are having difficulties paying your mortgage or you are currently in foreclosure, you may qualify for a Loan Workout, Forbearance or Repayment Plan. Our staff has helped many homeowners save their homes and avoid foreclosure. It is important when dealing with your most valuable asset to hire a competent firm that has the experience to deliver the results you expect and a dependable firm that will give your case the attention it deserves. When you retain our services, our staff will treat your case as if it were their own.

      Estate Planning

      With help from Financial Relief Law Center, APC, you can protect your family’s interests with a comprehensive estate plan prepared with help from our attorneys. We can help you plan for a revocable living trust, pour-over will, financial power of attorney, advance health care directive, and more.

      Adversary Proceeding

      During your bankruptcy process, you may need to go through an adversary proceeding or bankruptcy litigation. This is a lawsuit filed by a debtor, a creditor, or a Federal Trustee. An Adversary Proceeding is a complex litigation procedure that requires a knowledgeable attorney.

      While there is no guarantee to outcome, having a team like Financial Relief Law Center, APC at your disposal offers you the best chance for a positive outcome.

      The most common types of Adversary Proceedings are

      • Preferential Transfer Actions – This safeguards a creditor from being accused of transferal allegations where the creditor did not know a business was failing and concealing its inability to pay back debts
      • Non-Dischargeability Action – This is the attempt of a creditor to use your record to prevent you from obtaining debt forgiveness. Typically used if the creditor is claiming fraud or misrepresentation.
      • Objections To Discharge – This is similar to the above Non-Disagreeability above, however this would bar the debtor from obtaining a discharge of any debts.
      • Fraudulent Conveyance Action – This could happen if you recently transferred funds or title to a third party, even if you innocently gifted an asset to a family member or friend. A Trustee could claim that you were trying to avoid a creditor’s due collection.

      Contact Us for Assistance

      If you need legal assistance, reach out to Financial Relief Law Center, APC. When you do, ask how you can take advantage of a free initial consultation. During this meeting, you’ll have a chance to tell us about your situation and your goals for taking legal action. We can offer next-step options you can take to pursue the best possible solutions to your legal challenges.

      Contact us online or call (949) 570-5466 to schedule your free consultation today!

      What Makes Us Different

      • 25+ Years of Combined Legal Experience

        Our team of attorneys has extensive knowledge of bankruptcy and estate planning law, with over two decades of combined experience between them.

      • Solutions Fit for Your Unique Case

        No two individuals, or their cases, are ever identical. We seek to provide viable solutions that your unique case deserves.

      • Constant Client Communication

        You won't be out of the loop! We make sure all of our clients are up-to-date with the status of their case.

      • Free Consultations

        Why pay to have a conversation? Our phone, video and in-person consultations are 100% complimentary.

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