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Accepting Referrals for Bankruptcy Litigation & More 

If you’re an attorney and have a client with a bankruptcy litigation matter that you can’t accommodate, Financial Relief Law Center welcomes referrals from lawyers like you. Whether your practice is too encumbered to take on an additional client, or a client’s needs fall outside of your scope of practice, we can provide the legal support your client requires. 

Many of our referrals arise from litigation matters that a bankruptcy filing attorney is unable to accommodate. If you want to be sure that you can refer a client to an experienced bankruptcy litigation attorney, rest assured that sending them to Financial Relief Law Center means placing them in capable hands. Our attorneys share many years of combined experience and are steadfast advocates for our clients, which means you can refer them to us with confidence. 

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We Are Experienced Litigators

Protecting a client’s interests means ensuring that they can receive the best possible legal service for an important issue. Sometimes, that means referring a client to another attorney that you trust to do right by them. 

We commonly receive referrals from the following sources: 

  • Bankruptcy filing attorneys who require litigation support 
  • Large firms that can’t accommodate a limited litigation matter 
  • Firms with clients whose litigation matters present a conflict of interest 

As experienced litigators, we are skilled in presenting a client’s case in court. When you know litigation can help your client achieve the best possible outcome, we can provide the representation necessary to strive toward that outcome. We are tenacious advocates for our clients, and we can ensure no stone is left unturned in evaluating their legal situation and developing a strategy that can secure the best possible outcome.

Your Relationship with Your Clients Matters to Us 

At Financial Relief Law Center, we value building and preserving the relationships with clients who seek us out for help. That means we understand and appreciate the ongoing relationships you’ve built with your clients, and we are always mindful when it comes to handling your clients with care and professionalism. 

Whether your client requires our services on a limited or extensive basis, rest assured that clients referred to us receive the dedicated, personalized legal support that all clients of Financial Relief Law Center receive. 

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When your client is facing a bankruptcy matter that is best resolved through litigation, you can refer them to Financial Relief Law Center for help. 

Our team of experienced attorneys can provide guidance and reliable representation during complex bankruptcy disputes that require a unique set of skills to resolve. When you send an attorney referral in Irvine, we'll work hard to ensure that your client receives the personalized attention they deserve. 

Get in touch today if you'd like more information about how sending referrals to the Financial Relief Law Center can benefit your practice.

What Sets Us Apart?

As attorneys who routinely support consumers in potentially dire financial straits, we are empathetic and compassionate about what these problems mean to our clients. More importantly, we’ve grown to understand how important it is that we only deliver our best possible work so our clients’ chances of getting the best possible outcome are secured.

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