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Reorganization Case Closing in Chapters 11, 12, and 13

There are steps at the end of your case that are necessary to help you obtain your discharge.  Depending on the Chapter of Bankruptcy that you are in and whether any liens were provisionally avoided, certain work will need to be done to help you successfully complete your case.  

If you obtained a lien avoidance that is subject to a discharge order being entered, we need to either file an adversary proceeding (essentially a lawsuit within the bankruptcy to remove the lien) or in the alternative, some judges allow other procedures to formally avoid the lien after discharge without an adversary procedure.  

Once you complete all plan payments and typically after the Trustee files a final report, we need to apply for a discharge, but we can't until you take your second course in Financial Management or Debtor Education.  You can use the links under our Credit Counseling web page to take the second course.  Make sure to type in the attorney code associated with the company you choose.  

Our office will typically apply for interim or final compensation at this time but often the estate has already disbursed all funds and the Court will order a direct payment from the client.