Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Impact on Bankruptcy Hearings and Interaction with United States Trustee Program

Financial Relief Law Center
Effective immediately, all in-person bankruptcy Chapter 7, 12, and 13 section 341 meetings scheduled through April 10, 2020, are hereby continued until a later date to be determined. Absent special circumstances, bankruptcy section 341 meetings may not proceed during this period except through telephonic or other alternative means not requiring personal appearances by debtors.

Any and all bankruptcy any Chapter 11 Meetings of Creditors, IDI’s, and Creditor Committee formation Meetings (if held) will take place telephonically, only.

Finally, please be advised that beginning tomorrow March 17, 2020 all USTP employees are on telework. So, the 341(a) Meeting Rooms will not be open. Please know that we have a telework system in place for all of our attorneys and staff. We are working remotely but are 100% operational. It is best, if you need to contact us, that you do so by email.
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