A General Timetable for Chapter 7 Case Filings

Financial Relief Law Center
  • Consultation and retention of counsel
  • Debtor takes Credit Counseling and provides documents to counsel to prepare petition, schedules and statement of financial affairs.
  • Debtor files voluntary petition, schedules, and statement of financial affairs.
  • Chapter 7 Trustee is appointed and a Section 341(a) meeting is scheduled approximately 21-60 days after the case is filed (although usually it hovers around the 35 day mark in California).  
  • Debtor appears at 341(a) meeting.
  • Debtor takes Debt Management Class (which can be done anytime after filing and prior to the case closing or discharge being entered). 
  • Debtor examines reaffirmation process and agreements that must be filed with court within sixty days of the initial meeting of creditors.
  • Debtor receives discharge after deadline set for creditors to object to discharge and the court issues a separate order closing the case. 
As an example of total time, a Debtor's case that is filed on March 5, 2016 may receive a discharge on June 22, 2016 - although it varies.
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