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The potential components of an estate plan are as varied as one can imagine. Usually though, it will involve:

  • Control over financial and health care decisions;
  • Planning for the transfer of wealth;
  • Business succession planning;
  • Legacy planning; and/or
  • Addressing unique and specific issues for each client.

As is with all of our clients, our boutique style atmosphere provides clients with personal attention and personalized plans for your unique circumstances. Our office handles the creation of wills and trusts and work with individuals and families.

The concept of wills and trusts are to prevent the necessity of probate. Probate is expensive, time-consuming, and public. The probate court maintains control until the estate has been settled and distributed. The probate court may freeze assets for weeks or months prior to disposition. With proper planning, you can avoid this muck.

Through the use of trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives, our clients are able to control financial, legal, and property matters as well as health care and medical matters and the control over and care of minor children and other dependents. If you want your family to be able to immediately take over for you, it's essential that you work with an attorney to create the proper legal documents to designate a person or persons that you trust so they will have the authority to withdraw money from your accounts, pay bills, take distributions from your IRS's, sell stocks, and refinance your home. Many people think that a simple will can effectively protect them, but you may need additional planning prior to your passing. ​​

What goes into an estate plan?

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As attorneys who routinely support consumers in potentially dire financial straits, we are empathetic and compassionate about what these problems mean to our clients. More importantly, we’ve grown to understand how important it is that we only deliver our best possible work so our clients’ chances of getting the best possible outcome are secured.

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